Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Raw Materials Supplier-OCTAGON CHEMICALS LIMITED



1 Custom-Synthesis: Quantity from grams to tons.

We supply chemical compounds for life sciences research and production. We offer a wide range of chemicals including lab reagents, intermediates, bulk commodities, agro-chemicals, special chemicals, natural ingredients, active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) etc, please send detailed Cas No or structure info etc to

2 Tech-Tansfer

For both custom-synthesis project and tech-transfer, we can sign bilateral confidential agreement (NDA) to serve common interests of both sides.

3 Sourcing Service (TOTALLY FREE before you order, when you feel price is ok and ready to order, a very small amount of service fee will be charged, our service rate can be as low as 3%)

With our experiences in API/Chemical supply and knowledge of Chinese Chemical industry, we are willing to provide you 2~3 manufacturers/factories for your ref. We will give you our recommendations, back-ground checking details, providing you with all the info concerning the vendors and products for your ref, and you can deal directly with vendors.

4 Factory inspection and audit service (Free if no transport and boarding cost, totally free if you have confirmed order)

5 Pre-shipment inspection service (Free if no transport and boarding cost, totally free if you have confirmed order)

If you have any sourcing requests or any chemicals you can't find right factory, please send emails to Hope you will love our free sourcing service.