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USP41 Grade Bacitracin Zinc For Ointment

USP41 Grade Bacitracin Zinc For Ointment

USP41 Grade Bacitracin Zinc For Ointment (abbreviated as BcZn, CAS1405-89-6) is a complex of zinc and bacitracin, which is a white or off-white powder with its characteristic odor and bitter taste. Bacitracin Zinc is almost insoluble in water, methanol, acetone and chloroform, but is easily soluble in pyridine and slightly soluble in diethyl ether. Bacitracin Zinc is an effective narrow-spectrum antibiotic peptide with similar antibacterial spectrum to penicillin, mainly for Gram-positive cocci and bacilli, and also exerts a certain inhibitory effect on several Gram-negative bacteria, spirochetes and actinomycetes with attributes of high efficiency, low toxicity, and low residue. Therefore, Bacitracin Zinc is not only widely used as an important human antibiotic, but also a safe feed additive for livestock.

Bacitracin Zinc can also be applied to cuts and other skin wounds to help prevent infection, zinc in bacitracin zinc will make bacitracin more stable.

Bacitracin Zinc, in combination with other topical antibiotics (usually polymyxin B and neomycin) as an ointment, is used for topical treatment of a variety of localized skin and eye infections, as well as for the prevention of wound infections. Non-ointment forms of ophthalmic solution are also available for eye infections.

There are 2 types of Bacitracin Zinc: 1. Pharm-Grade  2. Feed-Grade (Octagonchem's Bacitracin zinc is Pharm-Grade, USP41 Standards)

Documents available for Bacitracin Zinc: USDMF/EUDMF/FDA/