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Phentolamine Mesylate 65-28-1

Phentolamine Mesylate 65-28-1

Chemical Names: Phentolamine mesylate; 65-28-1; Phentolamine mesilate; Regitine mesylate; Phentolamine methanesulfonate; OraVerse
Molecular Formula: C18H23N3O4S
Molecular Weight: 377.459 g/mol

Phentolamine Mesylate is the mesylate salt of a synthetic imidazoline with alpha-adrenergic antagonist activity. As a competitive alpha-adrenergic antagonist, phentolamine binds to alpha-1 and alpha-2 receptors, resulting in a decrease in peripheral vascular resistance and vasodilatation. This agent also may block 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) receptors and stimulate release of histamine from mast cells.

The primary application for phentolamine is for the control of hypertensive emergencies, most notably due to pheochromocytoma.

It also has usefulness in the treatment of cocaine-induced cardiovascular complications, where one would generally avoid β-blockers (e.g. metoprolol), as they can cause unopposed α-adrenergic mediated coronary vasoconstriction, worsening myocardial ischemia and hypertension. It is important to note that phentolamine is not a first-line agent for this indication. Phentolamine should only be given to patients who do not fully respond to benzodiazepines, nitroglycerin, and calcium channel blockers.

When given by injection it causes blood vessels to dilate, thereby increasing blood flow. When injected into the penis (intracavernosal), it increases blood flow to the penis, which results in an erection.

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