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Paclitaxel 33069-62-4

GMP 33069-62-4 PaclitaxelPaclitaxel 33069-62-4

Paclitaxel is a used to treat ovarian, breast, lung, pancreatic and other cancers. It and docetaxel represent the taxane family of drugs. Paclitaxel's mechanism of action involves interference with the normal breakdown of microtubules during cell division.

Paclitaxel is approved in the UK for ovarian, breast and lung, bladder, prostate, melanoma, esophageal, and other types of solid tumor cancers as well as Kaposi's sarcoma. It is recommended in NICE guidance of June 2001 that it should be used for nonsmall cell lung cancer in patients unsuitable for curative treatment, and in first-line and second-line treatment of ovarian cancer. In September 2001, NICE recommended paclitaxel should be available for the treatment of advanced breast cancer after the failure of anthracyclic chemotherapy, but that its first-line use should be limited to clinical trials. In September 2006, NICE recommended paclitaxel should not be used in the adjuvant treatment of early node-positive breast cancer. In 2005, its use in the United States for the treatment of breast, pancreatic, and non-small cell lung cancers was approved by the FDA.

Paclitaxel 33069-62-4
Appearance:White powder
Cas No:33069-62-4
Molecular Weight:853.92
Melting Point:213 °C
Boiling Point:957°C
Flash Point: 532.644 °C

GMP for paclitaxel is available, DMF for paclitaxel can be provided against commercial order.

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