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Enfuvirtide Acetate 914454-00-5

Enfuvirtide acetate is an HIV fusion inhibitor, the first of a novel class of antiretroviral drugs used in combination therapy for the treatment of HIV-1 infection.  Its cost and inconvenient dosing regimen are factors behind its use as a reserve, for salvage therapy in patients with multi-drug resistant HIV
Enfuvirtide Acetate 914454-00-5
Enfuvirtide Acetate 914454-00-5
Appearance:White powder
Cas No:914454-00-5
Molecular Weight:4356.71288
Melting Point:NA
Boiling Point:NA
Flash Point: NA
Usage:Peptide used for research
Testing Items
White powder
should conform
Purity NLT98%

GMP for Enfuvirtide Acetate is available, DMF for Enfuvirtide Acetate can be provided against commerical order

Disclaimer:Those products (Enfuvirtide Acetate 914454-00-5) patented are for lab analytical & research purposes only.