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Peptide, High quality cas 106612-94-6 GLP-1(7-37)

Product name


CAS NO. 106612-94-6


Category Pharmaceutical Raw Materials,Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients,Bulk Drugs,Fine Chemicals, Peptide
Purity 99% GLP-1(7-37)
Appearance GLP-1(7-37) powder
Shelf life 2 years

GLP-1(7-37) is an incretin hormone that causes glucose dependent release of insulin by pancreatic beta cells. It is the cleavage product of proglucagon. Both GLP-1 (7-36) and GLP-1 (7-37) play roles in gastric motility (gastric emptying), on the suppression of plasma glucagon levels (glucose production) and possibly on the promotion of satiety and stimulation of glucose disposal in peripheral tissues independent of the actions of insulin. Although GLP-1 (7-37) is bioactive, it is available in lesser amounts than GLP-1 (7-36) and is not amidated.

Storage GLP-1(7-37) should be stored in a well-closed container at low temperature, keep away from moisture, heat and light.
 Note GLP-1(7-37) for R&D use only.