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Cosmetic raw material cas 100403-19-8 Ceramide for skin smooth

Key benefits of Ceramides in skin care:

1.Sun damage protection
2.Sun damage repair
4.Moisturizing and hydration
5.Stimulate collagen production
6.Lightening & brightening
7.treat hyperpigmentation

Product name


CAS NO. 100403-19-8

Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate;tetrahexyldecylascorbate ;ASCORBYL TETRA-2-HEXYLDECANOATE;L-Ascorbic acid, tetrakis(2-hexyldecanoate);L-Ascorbic acid,2,3,5,6-tetrakis(2-hexyldecanoate);VC-IP;Vitamin C tetra-isopalmitate

Category Pharmaceutical Raw Materials,Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients,Bulk Drugs,Fine Chemicals, Cosmetic raw materials.
Purity 99% Ceramides

White crystalline powder

Shelf life 2 years

Ceramides may be found as ingredients of some topical skin medications used to complement treatment for skin conditions such as eczema.They are also used in cosmetic products such as some soaps, shampoos, skin creams, and sunscreens.Additionally, ceramides are being explored as a potential therapeutic in cancer.

Hair conditioning
Skin conditioning

Storage Ceramides should be stored in a well-closed container at low temperature, keep away from moisture, heat and light.