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3-Methoxy-2-nitrobenzoic acid 4920-80-3

3-Methoxy-2-nitrobenzoic acid 4920-80-3
Name: 3-Methoxy-2-nitrobenzoic acid
Cas no.:  4920-80-3

Chemical Names: 3-Methoxy-2-nitrobenzoic acid; 4920-80-3; Benzoic acid, 3-methoxy-2-nitro-; 2-Nitro-3-methoxybenzoic acid; 2-Nitro-m-anisic Acid
Molecular Formula: C8H7NO5
Molecular Weight: 197.146 g/mol

Purity for 3-Methoxy-2-nitrobenzoic acid 4920-80-3 is no less than 97%

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